We would like to inform you of a $1,500 Scholarship available for students enrolled in a Nursing or Allied Health Educational Program.

The North Carolina Association of Health Care Recruitment is an organization comprised of nurse recruiters, physician recruiters, and allied health recruiters committed to the recruitment and retention of health care employees in the State of North Carolina.

The objective of our organization is to promote and exchange principals of providing quality health care recruitment and retention. The expertise demonstrated in this diverse group includes:  Recruiting and Retention, Employee Relations, Computer Applications, Legal Issues, On-Line Recruitment Strategies, Compensation and Benefits, Statewide Trending.

In our efforts to encourage health care as a chosen field we offer annual scholarships of $1,500 for individuals studying Nursing and Allied Health fields.  Our 2018 Scholarship Program is offered in conjunction with a partnership with Cross Country Staffing and Travel Nurse Across America.

For individuals interested in submitting their scholarship application, the deadline is October 18, 2018.  Notification will be made by the President or Scholarship Chair with the recipient(s) and up to 3 family members being invited to an award celebration at the quarterly NCAHCR Meeting in Durham on November 2, 2018.

On-line applications may be completed: http://www.ncahcr.org/

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