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Computer Labs

  • As part of the School’s network, computers in the labs provide word processing, spreadsheet, database, bibliographic management, statistical software and licensing preparation, among other things. Curriculum specific computer-aided instruction materials are also offered.
  • All PCs are direct nodes on the Internet, hence offer high-speed access many services, including e-mail, Sakai and campus resources.
  • High speed laser printing in both School of Nursing computer labs is provided as a fee service.
  • Campus ATN supports PC labs in several academic buildings and libraries and details are provided at

Undergraduate PC Lab

 Room 1300
 14 Computers

The Undergraduate PC Lab is kept locked at all times, and student access is via their One Card. With One Card access to the building as well, students may use the Undergraduate PC Lab whenever needed. Students are responsible for ensuring that the door to the Undergraduate PC Lab is securely shut when they leave.

Graduate PC Lab

 Rooms 450 and 420
 12 Computers

The Graduate PC Lab is opened by School of Nursing ITS personnel at 8:00 AM Monday through Friday, and closed at approximately 5:00 PM. Students actively working at the time of closure are welcome to continue their work. Graduate students with Intellikey access to Carrington may use the Graduate PC Lab at any time., however students working outside of the lab’s normal business hours are required to shut down the equipment and ensure that the lab is locked when they leave.

Internet Connection

  • Wireless access is offered in Carrington in rooms 207, 208 and 209, and on the ground floor in the Undergraduate PC lab and student lounge area. Students may find, however, that wireless access is available in rooms adjacent to those listed, and, in fact, occasionally on adjacent floors as well, dependent upon environment conditions on a particular day. However, wireless access outside of the immediate areas in which it is offered is not guaranteed.
  • Wireless access on campus is offered in well over 200 locations and is being expanded regularly. Learn more about using wireless networking at
  • Wired network access is provided at each seat in the Fox Auditorium (room L300). You must register your computer for campus DHCP in order to take advantage of this facility.
  • Students who live on campus have access to ResNet, described at Granville Towers is now connected to the campus network as well, although technical support is provided to residents through Granville Towers’ personnel rather than ResNet technicians.


Electronic mail (email) is an important component of communication among School of Nursing faculty, administration and students, therefore all students are required to have and actively use an e-mail account. Students will be subscribed to a listserv appropriate to their program of study and important announcements will be made through the listserv.

All School of Nursing students are issued an ONYEN (campus electronic id) at the start of their program of study, as the ONYEN is required for Blackboard access and access to other campus systems. Associated with a student’s ONYEN is also an e-mail account on the UNC mail server, and a student’s UNC e-mail address is of the form

In order to ensure that student listservs contain valid addresses to which important communication can be delivered, all students’ UNC (ONYEN) address will be used for subscription to the appropriate student listservs. Although it was allowed in the past, students may no longer bulk forward their UNC e-mail to a non-UNC address. Students are also entitled publish a personal home page on the campus web, another service associated with having an ONYEN.

Personal Computers

Because School of Nursing courses increasingly use computer services as mandatory components of the curriculum, all students should have access to a personal computer and the Internet beyond what is available to them while on campus. Students should develop proficiency in using the Internet, word processing, computer-based assignments and tests, presentation graphics and other tools as deemed necessary by faculty. Many opportunities exist for purchasing equipment that is compatible with School and University information technology services, both through the commercial sector and the University itself. Under the Carolina Computing Initiative (CCI), incoming freshmen fulfill their requirement for a laptop computer, and other students may purchase either a laptop or desktop that is fully supported by the campus IT Response Center (24×7 technical support) and campus service technicians and comes preloaded with substantial software. Details of the CCI program can be found at Karen Echols, Manager of Information and Technology Systems in the School of Nursing, is available for consultation on student purchases of personal computers and peripheral equipment.

It is imperative that students owning personal computers with Windows operating systems perform Windows updates regularly. Furthermore, students are urged to be aware of circulating computer viruses, chain mail and hoaxes and to use virus management software to protect their equipment. Such software is part of the preload on CCI equipment and also may be downloaded from the campus Shareware distribution service. The latter provides a means of distributing supported shareware and freeware and for distributing certain site-licensed software to the University community.

UNC IT Resources and Policies

As members of the University and School communities, students have access to vast technology resources, however it is incumbent upon them to utilize these resources in a responsible and legal manner. To that end, it is important that students become familiar with policies related to access and usage such as the UNC-Chapel Hill Data Network Acceptable Use Policy and basics of copyright.

Students will also utilize e-mail substantially during their School of Nursing careers and rules of e-mail etiquette, as will be discussed in classes and materials referenced in course content, should be carefully adhered to.

Other useful Web sites for students are:

ONYEN Home Page

UNC ITS Services

Using an ISP

The office of Classroom Technology and Teaching Support within the School of Nursing provides audio-visual solutions and assistance with educational technologies to faculty, staff, and students.  Please note that all requests for support or service should be made as far advance as possible.

Classroom & Conference Room Support

Descriptions of classrooms and conference rooms within the School of Nursing are available here, and users may secure reservations for a specific room through Infoporte.  Once a room is reserved, any requests for additional equipment, conferencing needs, or general support should be submitted by email to

Course Capture and Event Recording

Every classroom in the SON is equipped to record PC content and audio, which can be accessed and replayed by students after class.  Events or presentations occurring in other SON locations can be recorded as well, so please contact me to discuss your needs.  Instructors requesting classroom recording should send ALL dates, locations and times to

Please include all of the following in your request:

  1. Dates:
  2. Time:
  3. Room number:
  4. Equipment/service needed:

Please make your AV requests as far in advance as possible, as all of our equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to the limited amount of equipment, it may not be possible to meet the needs of last-minute requests. If your schedule or needs change, please notify me ASAP so equipment can be reassigned to other instructors or secured for you as needed.

Equipment and services we have available for your use includes:

  • Projectors and laptops for the few rooms that are not AV-equipped
  • Echo360 Course Capture and video recording
  • Document Camera
  • Conference phones
  • Flipcharts/markers
  • Audio Recorders
  • Laser Pointers

Loaner Equipment for SON Faculty/Staff Use

Some equipment, including laptops and LCD projectors, may be available to faculty and staff for off-site use.   This material is issued on a first-come-first-served basis, so please submit your request as early as possible.

Contact / Service Requests

We support and develop database and web applications, provide reports upon request and provide guidance for administrative processing. Responsibilities of Database and Web Application Services include:

  • Web applications development
  • Database applications development
  • Web and database applications support

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access a database within the SONI portal?

To access a database within the SONI portal, please send your request to

What do I do if I need some data and cannot find any report that contains it?

Please detail the fields you need as well as the date/term range and send the request to

Why am I getting an Oracle error when I try to use the student or clinical databases?

The Oracle client needs to be installed on your PC.  Please relay this information to and we will contact you to schedule a time  to install the client.

Responsibilities of User Support & Networking include:

  • Supervision of end-user support services
  • Systems and network support
  • Hardware and software support
  • Backup services
  • Network printer management
  • Hardware and software installation

Nursing Website Support information

Keeping your Mailbox in Check [Exchange]

See these sites for recommendations on how to keep your mailbox within the 2GB limit imposed by the Exchange server and learn how to back up your email:

Keeping Your Mailbox in Check [Exchange]

Downloading & Backing Up Your E-Mail [Exchange]

Remote Access (VPN)

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides an encrypted connection from off campus to the UNC-Chapel Hill internal network and allows you to access campus applications just as if you were physically on campus.  Access to some campus applications from off campus require the use of VPN (i.e. ConnectCarolina, Virtual Computing Lab, & Remote Desktop).

Connect to UNCCampus VPN – Access Campus Applications

Connect to Nursing VPN – Access your SON desktop and network resources

  1. Submit request to access Nursing VPN to
  2. Connect to Nursing VPN – Access Campus Applications , use this connection information:
    • Server Name:
    • Group: Nursing
    • Username: your ONYEN
    • Password: your ONYEN password
    • Second Username: Nursing (case sensitive)
    • Second Password: Call 919-966-3388 or Visit 516 Carrington Hall

Campus Wi-Fi (Eduroam)

UNC-CH has adopted eduroam, which is used by many educational institutions as a secure way to offer Wi-Fi to campus visitors.  Once you’ve completed the configuration, you can use eduroam on any campus which offers it.

Shared Outlook accounts

A shared mailbox is a mailbox that multiple users can use to read and send email messages. Shared mailboxes can also be used to provide a common calendar.

  1. Submit request for shared email account to , include with request:
    • Preferred email address, example: “”
    • Name and ONYEN of users that will share account
  2. Configure shared email accounts [Exchange] Training is a UNC Chapel Hill licensed online video-training library that has more than 2,400 software, career development, and technology training titles that you can access from anywhere using an internet browser and your ONYEN login.

Locate your Microsoft Office version

Getting started with

Handling SPAM e-mail messages

The university’s filtering system allows us to report both Phishing and SPAM emails.  See these sites for assistance with forwarding suspected Phishing and SPAM emails:

Forward suspect Phishing & SPAM Email Messages for Evaluation

Opt-in to the UNC Spam Filtering Service

UNC-CH Spam Filtering Service FAQ


Lyris is the name of the List Server software that UNC uses for its listserv service. A listserv is an email-based mailing list that uses one address to distribute mail to all members of a specified group. A list enables members to communicate with or reply to the whole group without typing a lengthy list of email addresses and without maintaining a large address book.

Listserv Web Interface FAQs

Listserv Administrators FAQs

Listserv Subscribers FAQs