The SON IIT office provides informational, instructional and technological services that support the achievement of the educational, research and service goals of the School of Nursing.

To achieve our goals we are organized into the four working groups below, which you can learn more about on our Services page.

IIT Working Groups

IIT News

  • SON IIT: 2-Step Verification for Office 365

    SON Faculty, Staff and Affiliates, Beginning November 12th, 2018, you will be required to use 2-Step Verification to access Office 365 — this includes Outlook, Heelmail, and Teams. Enroll now for 2-Step for Heelmail  Don’t wait until the last minute — you can opt-in and begin using 2-Step … Continued

  • SON IIT: External Review Update

    August 2018 Update As we embark on a new academic year, we are pleased to share the following update on our School of Nursing IIT accomplishments as they relate to the recommendations from our External Review completed in May 2015.  … Continued

  • SON IIT: Network News

    Welcome back from the SON IIT Team! We have been very busy this summer preparing for the new semester and would like to share reminders, new information, resources and technical support contact information to assist you during the new semester. … Continued

  • Microsoft Team for SON Staff

    Hi All, The SON Staff Team has been created. If you are new to Teams, as soon as convenient, view this short training video: Log in to (use ONYEN credentials).  If away from campus, VPN is required. Microsoft Essential Training … Continued

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