Over the summer of 2018, the following teams were formed to begin work on each of the Strategic Plan’s three priorities. The teams meet weekly or bi-weekly to develop and deploy initiatives.


Jennifer Alderman
D’Angelo Best
Francis Dela Cruz
Kelly Kirby
Rebecca Kitzmiller
Shielda Rodgers
Jia-Rong Wu


Sam Deal
Carol Durham
Karen Echols
Louise Fleming
Marcia Van Riper
Anne Webb

Innovation—Research and Education

Ruth Anderson
Eileen Ferrarie
Ann Neighbors Jessup
Mary H. Palmer
Lixin Song
Julee Waldrop
Megan Williams

Innovation — Practice and Service

Tom Bush
Susan Hedrick
Maureen Kelly
Rhonda Lanning
Lisa Miller
Leslie Sharpe
Mark Toles

If you would like to participate on an Implementation Team or have an idea for one, please email soncomms@unc.edu.