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The SON Centralized Storeroom provides a standard complement of office supplies for internal departments, such as


These supplies will be offered through a catalog that is posted on the shared drive and is updated regularly.  The catalog can be found at Y:\Centralized Storeroom, along with guidelines for how the storeroom will be used (both are also located below).

Departments will maintain their current store of supplies, but as the stock gets low, department personnel will send a request to the Storeroom email address:

If non-standard catalog items are part of your request, those items will be forwarded to the Dean’s Office for approval.  Once approval is received, the request originator will be notified and storeroom personnel will proceed with that portion of the order.

Items for grant and non-state funded projects will continue to be ordered by the project personnel.  Faculty will contact Terry Gibb, the faculty support staff, for supply requests.

 Submit a Storeroom Request

  1. The School of Nursing will open a Centralized Storeroom to provide a standard complement of office supplies to internal departments of the SON. These supplies will be offered through a catalog that is posted on a shared drive and updated regularly.  Items include but are not limited to office stationary, paper products, folders, binders and most common office consumables.
    1. Items that are preferred by an individual, proprietary to a particular project, or are otherwise not offered through the centralized storeroom catalog will need to be purchased/procured by the requesting individual or department. When purchasing non-catalogued items, standard SON policies and procedures apply for submitting purchase requests through Epro, on-line or in-store purchases using a P-Card, as well as vouchers and payment requests outlined by the UNC Procurement Office.
    2. Recommendations for any item(s) that are not offered through the Centralized Storeroom catalog can be made through the standard email request (See section III). All recommended items must be on state contract or offered as a “UNC best value” and able to be procured through the Staples Epro catalog.  Items for consideration may be subject to purchase minimums and/or volume justifications prior to approval.
  2. The Centralized Storeroom will serve all SON internal departments and individuals that operate from state funded accounts/chart fields. This excludes internal grant funded research projects, or any federally-funded initiatives.  All non-state funded projects/grants will continue to purchase supplies as outlined in their budget and will comply with UNC’s purchasing policies (See section I-A.)
  3. Each Department will maintain their current storage locations and the items within. Once standard supplies start to dwindle, departments will request supplies via email at:
    1. Department staff will submit an email request to the address above, complete with the item(s) desired and the quantity of each item.
    2. Office supply resources for faculty will be managed by support staff located on the 4th and 5th floors of Carrington West. Supplies and resources will not be split by division.
    3. Requests to the Centralized Storeroom will be managed and fulfilled by SON Facilities Management. Orders will be received and fulfilled by the Facility Manager’s assistant, with the Facility Manager as backup.
    4. Fulfilled requests will be delivered to the department representative that placed the order. Though orders can be filled in person, all requests must be initiated with the email address listed above prior to fulfillment.
    5. All requests will be tracked through a central database to ensure accurate inventory, ordering and distribution.
    6. Departments will not be charged for supplies received; the cost will be absorbed by SON central funding.
  4. The Centralized storeroom is a virtual storeroom. For tracking and security, the inventory will be kept in secure storage locations that are not accessible to the general SON community.  Each department will have a supply area for the individual to resource.  Any department representative or SON employee can place a request for supplies for their department.
    1. A request must be provided to receive storeroom items(s).
    2. Requests will be filled and items delivered to the requesting department or individual. Items can also be picked up from the SON Facility Management office, room 313.
    3. The Centralized Storeroom Catalog can be accessed on the shared “Y” drive in the self-titled folder.
    4. Items offered in the catalog are subject to change without notice. The catalog will be updated semi-annually or “as needed” to reflect current items on contract.
  5. The purpose of the Centralized Storeroom is to stock and provide common office consumables for internal SON departments. This service will streamline the process of requesting and receiving office supply items, as well as providing monitoring, reporting and savings to the SON.

Please email your toner Cartridge requests to Please include your printer model and the cartridge type (if possible).

We will receive and fill your request with existing stock.  If a cartridge needs to be ordered, we will let you know, as the ordering process may take a few days.  For this reason, please request your replacement cartridge upon the first prompt that your cartridge is nearing the end of its usage.  Only one cartridge will be provided upon request.


If you have questions about this process, please refer to the guidelines.  If those don’t answer your question, please feel free to email your question to