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One of our undergraduate nursing students, Shannen Kane (President of ANS), was recently married and soon after, her husband was quickly deployed to Afghanistan.

She is heading up a donation box to collect items that they can send to their company, such as things to brighten their spirits, fill their down-time, provide them with things they have a hard time getting there, and to make them feel thought about and cared about in the holiday season. Basically, to show them that we are thinking of them, appreciate what they are doing, and we support them no matter our feelings about our country’s involvement in Afghanistan.  Please read the following and consider contributing something in the spirit of the holiday season:

My name is Shannen Kane and I am a BSN-5. Earlier in September, my husband, Lucas Kane, deployed to Afghanistan with his Airborne unit, Alpha Company 1-504 PIR, out of Fort Bragg. His unit is tasked with training, advising, and assisting Afghan partners and providing security for other US forces in the country. As the president of the Association of Nursing Students, I have coordinated a holiday donation drive for his platoon, which consists of about 30-50 other men in his unit to show them support and make the holiday season more enjoyable for them!

A box will be located in the lobby of Old Carrington Hall for the donations between now and November 21st. There are holiday cards located next to the box, as well, and please feel free to fill one out to include with your donation! Ultimately, they are in need of activities and games to keep them busy during the downtime, along with some hygiene items. Here is a list of ideas of what to donate: Puzzles, board games, games (crosswords, sodoku), books, magazines, pens, gum, batteries, snacks, candy, hard candy, slim jims, dried fruit, trail mix, energy drops or drink flavors (like mios or crystal light packets), beef jerky, tissues, chapstick, hand sanitizer, hand wipes, energy or granola bars, toothpaste, toothbrushes, bar soap (no liquids), disposable razors, foot powder, footballs, soccer balls, monetary donations to cover the cost of shipping and supplemental items. Thank you in advance for your support, and please feel free to email me at or call me at (919) 500-2940 if you have any questions!

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