In March of 2017, the UNC-CH School of Nursing (SON) was charged by Chancellor Folt to review the SON curricula. In addition, the College of Arts and Sciences is in the process of curriculum revision to be implemented in the fall of 2019. Dean Peragallo Montano appointed a Curriculum 2019 Committee that included 3 Task Groups (BSN, MSN, and DNP) with a faculty member appointed as the chair. The Curriculum 2019 Steering Committee (Steering Committee) consisted of program area experts from all programs (including PhD), the HSL SON liaison, as well as the Executive Dean/Associate Dean for Academic Affairs serving as ex-officio.

Dean Peragallo Montano directed the Steering Committee to make recommendations based on her vision to foster innovation in education and delivery, transform education, integrate research to improve health outcomes, and maximize quality of student/faculty interaction and community resources. As health care delivery is rapidly changing, there is wide consensus that nursing education needs to adapt to improve the health of the public.

The Steering Committee began its work on March 7, 2017 by examining the task and determining an action plan for how to achieve the task. The Steering Committee developed a four phase plan. The Steering Committee shared this plan with the faculty at a faculty forum on March 27 and the April 17 faculty meeting.

Throughout Phase I, the Steering Committee collected data from diverse sources, including faculty, stakeholders, School of Nursing leadership, reports, and literature, to complete a needs analysis and set a framework to guide the Task Group work in the Fall. Additionally, the mission of the SON and UNC-Chapel Hill were reviewed. These encounters yielded consensus around strengths and opportunities for change regarding the Programs and Curricula at the School of Nursing.

This site includes overarching recommendations for the School of Nursing as well as Programmatic and Curricular recommendations for each program (BSN, MSN, and DNP) to achieve the desired outcome of preparing the next generation of Carolina nurses to assume leadership roles in interprofessional health care and interdisciplinary research.