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This site serves as an information center for graduate nursing students. It also contains information that is of interest to graduate faculty and advisors. Please send any suggestions for improving this site to Dr. Jennifer D’Auria.


Last Update: January 3, 2021



Welcome to the Spring semester! Classes open the week of January 11.

 “…the heart of integrity at Carolina”

Please review information about the UNC-Chapel Hill Honor System. It is an expectation that faculty and students will nourish and maintain the academic integrity of our programs. If you have any questions about the honor code please talk with your course coordinator, academic advisor, lead faculty, or assistant dean

Program-specific Handbooks

Read through the handbook for your program of study:

 Essential Standards for Admission, Progression, and Graduation

Please review this document. Go to:  > General Information and Policies. It describes the non-academic qualifications in addition to the academic qualifications that the School considers essential for entrance, continuation, and graduation from its nursing degree programs.

 Clinical Regulations & Compliance Policies

Review the SON Compliance Policies and Regulations in the Student Handbook. Any questions? Please see the Office of Student Affairs.

 Professional Attire (MSN & DNP)

Read the Graduate Policies on Professional Attire related to name tags and uniforms. Please check with the Coordinator of your Advanced Practice area to see if “Graduate Student” or “Nurse Practitioner Student” should be put on your name tag.

Academic Policies (MSN & DNP)

Read about the Academic Policies that apply to the MSN and DNP programs. Go to: > Academics


Congratulations to our December Graduates!

 NP NCBON Letters (MSN and DNP-APRN students)

NCBON letters verifying your curriculum has met the standards for NP education will be sent by the OAA to the NCBON approximately 15 working days after the official date of graduation. A copy of this letter along with a certificate specifying your specialty area (NPs only) of preparation will be sent to you at that time (receiving your certificate will be delayed) — we will need your email and correct address to accomplish this. If you an August or December graduate, this may take 1 month after the official date of graduation.

(For APRN graduates) Please indicate in your approval to practice packet that the letter has already been sent to the BON by the UNC-CH SON. The NCBON will keep this letter on file for 1 year. Sometimes the BON does not indicate receipt of your letter immediately in their online database — so please call them if it says your letter is not there yet. If they really cannot locate it or you are one year post graduation, you will need to contact a Division Manager (MSN or DNP) to request that another copy of the original letter be sent to the NCBON.

  • Verification of Educational Program (for all students sitting for national examinations):

Verification of education forms are required by several certifying bodies. You locate these forms in the application booklet for the exam. Presently, AANP (Adult & FNPs) and the PNCB do not require this form. The only certifying body requiring this form is ANCC. For those of you  completing clinical hours in the spring and sitting for national examinations after graduation, the verification of educational program forms are to be submitted to in OSA. 

The only exception for this rule — DNP (AGPCNP, FNP, and PNP-PC) students who completed their final clinical course the prior fall may apply to take their national certification exam early in the spring. Please email Dr. D’Auria after you have applied for an exam and she will send a letter to the organization to confirm your completion of clinical practice courses.

Please read the application directions closely for the examination you are applying for. Contact the organization (not the SON) with any questions about necessary forms and procedure.

Please allow up to 15 working days for processing after graduation or the date your first submit the form. If you are an August or December Graduate, please allow up to 1 month due to vacation/holiday schedules.

Certifying Bodies for graduates: See Quick Links

Transcripts: Transcript Services Transcripts can be ordered online by current students and alumni of the university. Online transcript ordering is convenient, can be done from any location 24/7, and provides emails to inform students/alumni on the status of their request. [more: How to Order a Transcript...]

Moving to another state? You will need to contact the Board of Nursing in the state you are moving to and ask about forms or paperwork that need to be filled out by your educational program. When you send the paperwork to us, in many cases, you must sign the form before we can send it to the Board of Nursing. Please make sure you have signed the form (if required) prior to sending it to us. Direct all paperwork to the SON Registrar in OSA.


Always check the Graduation Deadlines of the Graduate School (posted at the beginning of each semester).


Certification Examinations

Many of you will be taking national certification examinations in your respective areas of advanced practice. Below is a list of certification organizations and companies that offer information regarding review courses/resources — both online and live.

Review courses may also be offered in conjunction with annual conferences of major organizations. You can also search for review materials on popular commercial Web sites that sell books and media. Please discuss any questions about these resources with the Advanced Practice Coordinator in your area.

The SON does not endorse any particular resource — this page just provides links to information that you may decide is helpful to you.

Companies (focused on NP review)

DNP Links

 Proquest: Search for Dissertations and Theses (sign in to HSL; set limits to dissertations, publication date, name of author)

Government Sites

Nursing Organizations (also see above under “Certifications”)

Other Professional & Academic Sites


The SON Graduate Advising Center is designed to assist faculty and studients with academic advising for both master’s and doctoral students.

Academic advising is an integral part of graduate education at UNC-Chapel Hill School of Nursing. It safeguards timely progression through the program and provides mentoring opportunities between faculty and student.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will academic advising and registration open for continuing students?

Academic advising for 2021 Spring begins October 26.

University registration opens November 30. More information about the registration process will be sent to you by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) as that date gets closer. All questions or problems related to the registration process or questions about holds on your account go to either Kathy Moore or Amy Burdette in the OSA.

**Please remember you will not be able to register in the University system until your assigned time.

When will faculty advisors receive advising materials for continuing students/advisees?

MSN and DNP Programs. Due to the changes imposed by the current pandemic, efforts have been made to streamline the spring pre-registration process for both students and academic advisors in the MSN and DNP program areas. This will allow us to release holds on a student account so you can proceed with registration for spring when the University system opens.

In short, the MSN/DNP Division Managers and Lead Faculty will handle spring course registration questions and issues. 

October 26: MSN and DNP students will received an email from Dawn O’Neal (MSN) or DJ Lester (DNP) with their POS attached. They will receive a link to a brief survey. Students are to fill in the requested information. NOTE: Even if you have already talked with your student or academic advisor, you must fill-out the survey.This survey does not replace taking the opportunity to meet with your academic advisor between Oct 26 and Nov 30 using zoom, phone, or email. You are encouraged to seek their mentorship and support.

PhD Program. In order to register, PhD students must meet with their faculty research advisor. Once advising documents are received and reviewed for completeness, students will be cleared to register. Please refer to the email that will be sent to you for more details.

Where are the links to Course Lists, Schedules & Maps?

The MSN and DNP Course Listings and Class Schedules for the Spring semester are posted.  Changes and revisions may occur, so check back periodically. The most current versions of these documents are posted under the Course Schedules. Please bookmark this page for future reference.

How do I register?

Please go to the Student Resources page to locate information about “how to register”.

Where do students or faculty go with questions or problems with registration?

Registration is the sole responsibility of the student. All questions or problems related to student and course registration go to Amy Burdette or Lindsay Crutchfield in the OSA.

On this page you will find information and links to help you get up and running with the courses you are coordinating or participating in as a team member.

 If you are brand new to course coordination, please meet with Jennifer D’Auria, Assistant Dean-MSN/DNP Programs, as soon as possible — preferably the semester prior to when the course is offered or as soon as the semester opens. If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please contact the Division office.

Coordinators of Clinical Courses

All students in clinical courses (those with community placements) must be assigned to their supervising faculty by the first day of classes. Please give the clinical section assignments (faculty name, and number of students in group) to Amy Burdette ( in the Office of Student Affairs.

  • Important Links for ALL Courses: 
    • Please refer students to these areas of the SON Handbook during the first week of classes regarding the Disability Statement and the Essential Standards for Admission, Progression, and Graduation.
  • When May Students Begin Clinical? 
    • In general, clinical may begin during the second week of classes if compliance (SON and site) and contracts have been accomplished. Please keep in mind, this may not be possible in all situations — we will keep you closely informed about the start date of clinical.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my responsibilities as a course coordinator or team member?

Please read the position descriptions under Faculty Resources:

Where is my classroom?

All classes will remain remote. Please see Course Schedules page for the synchronous dates for courses.

How do I access my class list?
  • You can access your class list on ConnectCarolina. If you have any difficulties, please see the Office of Student Affairs for assistance.
  • Check the list on the first day of classes to make sure students are registered for your course. NOTE: Do not distribute or post a list with PIDs visible.
  • If your class does not meet synchronously until the second or third week of classes, it is your responsibility to make certain students are properly registered for your course. Please remind them to check Connect Carolina by the end of the first week of classes to make certain they are registered for the course.
What about Health & Safety Compliance?

Students may not begin clinical until they are in compliance and the SON has a contract in place. In general, clinical may begin during the second week of classes if all of the above has been accomplished. Please keep in mind, this may not be possible in all situations — we will keep you closely informed about the start date of clinical.

What is ConnectCarolina?

ConnectCarolina is where students register, check grades, find billing information, update address, and more. Please remind students to check their schedules by Friday of the first week of classes to make sure they are signed up for the right courses. This is the student’s responsibility.

What email address do students use?

All students are required to use a UNC email address but it does not have to be the “” address. The email address may be other UNC-approved domains like or  or If questions, please consult with the Office of Student Affairs.

What about student progression?
  • Check student progression both in the classroom and clinical areas (if applicable).
  • Meet with any students who are performing below P level as soon as possible no later than mid-semester.
  • Encourage students to discuss any progression issues with their academic advisor for support and assistance.
  • Notify the appropriate Assist Dean (MSN or DNP) of any student issues at midterm and at any point in the semester.
What should I know about graduate grading?

Please review the Graduate Grading section in our Student Handbook (under: Graduate Programs: Academic Policies). Incompletes may be given in “exceptional” situations when some portion of the course requirements have not been completed, however the student does take the final exam. Please see the MSN/DNP Division office with any questions.

What are the policies about professional attire?

Remind students about Graduate policies related to name tags and appropriate attire in clinical settings. These links are found under in the Student Handbook.

What about courses with a clinical practicum?

For advanced graduate clinical courses, you will receive links for Student Evaluation of Preceptor and Site or for Faculty Evaluation of Preceptor and Site during the first few weeks of the semester. Students and faculty will be submitting these electronically. Access to the results of these evaluations will be opened to course coordinators at the end of the course.

  • Track student progression closely with course faculty throughout the semester. Check Typhon information on a regular basis. It is critical for students to enter accurate information about encounters on a frequent basis.
  • Problem solve issues first within the course, with the course coordinator, faculty and student. If you need further assistance, see the Lead Faculty of the students APA.
  • For all courses that involve a faculty site visit, a written evaluation must be submitted to the course coordinator at the end of the semester signed and dated by the faculty and the student.
  • Please encourage faculty to anticipate the need for the rare possibility of more than one site visit to facilitate student progression.
  • Please see the AD-MSN/DNPwith any questions or concerns.
What about final exams?

Read about final examinations in the Student Handbook: Go to > Academics > Course Policies section).

Please remind students to talk with you about any issues or concerns regarding the timing of their exam period (e.g. avoid scheduling two major courses on the same day) well in advance of the test date.

When are grades due?

Graduate grades — deadline will be announced by Kathy MoorePlease note this includes all N992 and N994 sections as well. The Office of Student Affairs will send reminders out at the beginning of the semester and at varying intervals. Please see Amy Burdette or Kathy Moore with any questions.


Updated January 3, 2021