CourseCourse TitleCreditsRoom #Faculty
NURS 254Discipline of Nursing I115R. Lanning
NURS 360Concepts, Processes and Skills for Evidence-based Nursing41K. Valcheff
NURS 361Pathophysiology3FoxL. Mullen
NURS 362Pharmacology Across the Lifespan3FoxL. Fleming
NURS 366Health Assessment3FoxJ. Williams
NURS 371Nursing Inquiry and Evidence-Based Practice3FoxM. Baker
NURS 382Family-Centered Genomic Health Care19M. Van Riper
NURS 470Public Health Nursing51J. Vann
NURS 472Nursing Care of Infants, Children and Their Families5217L. Woodley
NURS 477Psychiatric Mental Health Concepts for Broad Clinical Application in Nursing5FoxT. Raphael-Grimm
NURS 479Maternal/Newborn Nursing5FoxR. Lanning
NURS 488Practicum in Nursing: Health Services Improvement Work Experience3FoxJ. Kordsmeier
NURS 588Leadership in Health Care Organizations49J. Alderman
NURS 591Nursing Care of Adults with Major Health Problems II 815C. Leonard
BSN Electives
NURS 496Advanced Practicum in Nursing1–3TBA
NURS 497.001Preparation for Professional Practice1J. Page
NURS 600SHAC: Student Health Action Coalition0M. Williams
NURS 609.001Health Care in the Global Context: Hurricane Florence Migrant Health1J. Davison
NURS 609.002Health Care in the Global Context: Service Learning Vulnerable Populations1S. Oppewal
NURS 609.003Health Care in the Global Context: Women’s International Health Issues in Haiti and Beyond1R. Lanning
NURS 609.004Health Care in the Global Context: Disaster Nursing1S. Oppewal
NURS 685Care of Dying, Bereaved Throughout Lifespan3A. Tesh
NURS 691HHonors3B. Foster
NURS 692HHonors3B. Foster
RN/MSN Option
NURS 494.001Community Health Nursing for the Public's Health6M. Cockroft

Final Exam Schedule

NURS 254May 79:00 amFox
NURS 361May 31:00 pm01 & 15
NURS 362April 291:00 pmFox
NURS 366April 301:00 pmFox
NURS 371April 309:00 amFox
NURS 477May 39:00 amFox
NURS 479May 69:00 amFox
NURS 470May 29:00 am217
NURS 472May 61:00 pm217
NURS 588.001April 299:00 am1 & 9
NURS 588.002April 299:00 am1&9
NURS 591May 21:00 pmFox
NURS 494April 309:00 amonline

 Course Schedule


CourseCourse TitleCreditsRoom #Faculty
NURS 364Nursing Care of Adults with Major Health Problems I6Fox AuditoriumC. Leonard
NURS 477Nursing Care of Clients with Mental Health Problems5Fox AuditoriumL. McQueen
NURS 487Practicum in Nursing: Work-Study Experience3M. Cockroft
NURS 489Practicum in Nursing: Global Health Experience3B. Foster

Final Exam Schedule

NURS 364July 299:00 amFox
NURS 477July 309:00 amFox
NURS 487.001July 309:00 amOnline
NURS 487.002July 309:00 amOnline
NURS 489July 309:00 amOnline


 Course Schedules: Legacy CurriculumNew Curriculum
 Course Listing

Final Exam Schedule

NURS 301December 69:00 amFox
NURS 310December 99:00 amFox
NURS 351December 109:00 amFox
NURS 330December 129:00 amFox
NURS 384December 139:00 amFox
NURS 456December 61:00 pmFox
NURS 470December 91:00 pmFox
NURS 472December 121:00 pmFox
NURS 371December 99:00 am09
NURS 456December 61:00 pm09
NURS 479December 101:00 pmFox
NURS 591December 131:00 pmFox
N491December 7TBDOnline
N492December 10 TBDOnline

 Undergraduate Course Descriptions
 Undergraduate Course Map

Undergraduate Course Plans
New Curriculum beginning Fall 2019: BSN | ABSN
Hillman Scholars: BSNABSN


Course Listing
Course Schedule
 Campus Dates for Online Hybrid Executive Courses
 NURS 992 and 994 Sections

NOTE: The course schedule may change prior to the opening of a semester. Please check back regularly for any changes. 

Course Listing

CourseCourse TitleCreditsRoom #Faculty
NURS609.001Health Care in the Global Context: Hurricane Florence Migrant Health1J. Davison
NURS609.002Health Care in the Global Context: Service Learning Vulnerable Populations1S. Oppewal
NURS609.003Health Care in the Global Context: Topic TBA1R. Lanning
NURS609.004Health Care in the Global Context: Disaster Nursing1S. Oppewal
NURS680.001Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Training for Caring Professions3217C. Giscombe
NURS685.000Care of Dying, Bereaved Throughout Lifespan3School of Social WorkA. Tesh
NURS720.000Pharmacotherapeutics in Advanced Nursing Practice (FNP's take 4 credits)3-4FoxA. Biondi
NURS722.000Psychopharmacology in PMH Advanced Practice Nursing21100K. Okine
NURS730.000Foundations in Clinical Informatics: Data, Information and Knowledge3312S. Kharait
NURS779.000Synthesis and Translation of Evidence3207J. Waldrop
NURS780I.000Multidisciplinary Approach on Managing Diabetes Mellitus2School of PharmacyA. Jessup
NURS789.000Advanced Concepts in Oncology Nursing (Adult)22100D. Mayer
NURS790I.000Population Health: Interprofessional Management3207M. Zomorodi
NURS799.000Special Topics (MSN)1-3TBA
NURS810.000Primary Care Management of Adults5FoxL. Sharpe
NURS812.000Management of Complex Health Problems in Adults6207C. Palmer
NURS815.000Advanced Practice Nursing Roles1FoxT. Bush
NURS820.000Clinical Practicum in Advanced Oncology Nursing (Adult)2TBA
NURS821.000Seminar in Advanced Oncology Nursing (Adult)0.5D. Mayer
NURS828.000Advanced Clinical Practicum in Primary Care of Families4S. Hubbell
NURS840.000Primary Care of Children5207A. Davis
NURS842.000Management Of Complex Conditions In Advanced Practice Pediatric Nursing4208K. Peppers
NURS860.000Psychiatric Nursing Interventions with Individuals51100N. Esposito
NURS868.000PMH Management of Complex Problems Across the Lifespan6L700K. Doyle
NURS871.000Leadership And Advanced Practice Roles In Health Care Organizations3208A. Kellish
NURS872.000Developing and Manage Human Resources in Health Systems3208J. Vann
NURS876.000Innovations in Nursing and Health Care Educational Curricula3208L. McQueen
NURS878.000Healthcare Systems Residency and Integrative Seminar6208A. Kellish
NURS880.000Advanced Assessment for Nursing Leadership4209M. Baker
NURS899.000Special Topics (Doctoral)1-3TBA
NURS942.000Practice Inquiry Seminar II2209J. Waldrop
NURS969.000Data Analysis: Analyzing Health Care Systems3304M. Lynn
NURS992.000Master's Paper3TBA
NURS994.000PhD Dissertation/DNP Project3TBA
CourseCourse TitleCreditsRoom #Faculty
NURS675.000Hillman Scholars in Nursing Innovation: Integrative Seminar62100C. Jones
NURS899.000Special Topics1-3TBA
NURS902.000Clinical Scholars in Nursing Innovation II62110A. Bryant
NURS930.000Infants and Children at Risk3304E. Hodges
NURS950.000Analysis of Academic Role32100A. Tesh
NURS951.000Mentored Teaching Practicum1-3TBA
NURS958.000Designing Intervention Studies32100S. Santacroce
NURS959.000Research Grant Writing3304J. Zegre-Hemsey
NURS963.000Writing for Publication3S. Thoyre
NURS972.000Statistical Models for Health Research4209T. Schwartz
NURS977.000Qualitative Approaches to Knowledge Development3312J. Willams
NURS985.000Research Seminar & Practicum: Guided Individual Research Experience3TBA
NURS994.000PhD Dissertation/DNP Project3TBA

 Graduate Course Map | Fall 2018 through Summer 2020
MSN and DNP Course Map | Fall 2020 through Summer 2022 (link coming soon)
 PhD Course Map | Fall 2020 through Summer 2022 

Note: These may NOT be the final course offerings.  Course Schedules and Listings are subject to revisions. Please check this page periodically prior to the start of classes for updates while planning.