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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill employs a strong visual guideline policy in order to create continuity between various University institutions, and because “consistent use of the identity enhances the world’s recognition of who we are and visually reinforces our reputation for quality and leadership.” (UNC Creative, UNC Branding and Visual Identity Guidelines)

The School of Nursing complies with this visual identity, and we urge that faculty use this symbol of our University as an esteemed emblem, and not simply as decoration. Below are more tips on using the logo.






Logo and Banner Guidelines


  • As the primary graphic identity for the institution, the formal logo must appear on all communications, including brochures, stationery, and business cards.The logo and banner must be reproduced from high-resolution digital artwork.
  • The logo and banner may not be reconstructed or altered in any way. This rule includes but is not restricted to type, the ruled line, outlines or embellishments.


  • Leave some clear space around the logo equal to one-half the height of the logo’s Old Well.
  • Resize all elements of the logo proportionally and as a group (logomark, divider rule and logotype).
  • Use a good quality image of the logo. Do not right click and save the logo off the Web site for use in a printed piece.

Do not:

  • Crop or remove any part of the logo.
  • Print the logo over a patterned background or other image.
  • Print anything over the logo.
  • Make it semitransparent or use it as a watermark.
  • Modify the logo, other than making it larger or smaller. Be sure you do not change the proportions of the logo when doing this.
  • Use the University seal; it is reserved for use by the Office of Chancellor on official documents. It may no longer be used decoratively, in the place of a logo, or on merchandise.
  • Right click and save the logo off the Web site for use in a printed piece.

For more guidelines, visit Design Service’s branding and visual identity page for UNC-Chapel Hill.

Getting an Image File of the Logo and Banner

 Download a ZIP file containing the SON logo in a variety of formats.

If you have questions or need the logo in another format or size, please contact Mariah Keller, director of communications, at Include your intended use and any specifications in your request, please!