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Welcome! Please know we are happy to assist you in contacting faculty members within the School of Nursing. Experts in their field, our faculty are ideal sources regarding premier patient care and innovation within the nursing profession.

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Given the useful and timely work our faculty does for patients and caregivers in and beyond North Carolina, you may be contacted by members of the media to discuss your teaching, scholarship or practice. When that occurs, please know the Office of Communications (OOC) is here to assist you and the reporter(s) you are working with in any way we can. A few guidelines to follow when contacted by a member of the media:

  • Always respond (whether you choose to participate in an interview or not), and respond promptly.
  • Identify the reporter: make note of his or her name, publication, and contact information. Contact the OOC if you have any questions or concerns about responding to or conducting an interview with the media outlet.
  • Contact the OOC with any concerns regarding published errors or issues with the press.
  • Please let us know when you speak to the media—it helps us keep track of stories about us in the press and to build our media presence.