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In recognition of Dr. Diane Berry’s commitment to Sigma Theta Tau and to mentoring nurse researchers, the Alpha Alpha Board voted to designate the annual Research Day celebrating our grant recipients and our Honor’s students, the annual Diane Berry Research Day as an enduring legacy of her service and dedication to advancing scholarship locally and globally. Read more about the dedication here


A message from Dr. Beverly Foster:

Welcome! Honors in the School of Nursing is part of the University’s Senior Departmental Honors program. During the last two semesters of their senior year, students work in collaboration with a faculty adviser to develop and implement a project that shows evidence of independent, creative, abstract, analytical and critical thinking. Pursuing an additional 6 credit hours of course work, meeting the requirements of an already demanding program and maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.4 is a challenge. Students earning Highest Honors were first nominated by their adviser and their work then scored by a panel of faculty using the Honors criteria. Since the SON Honors program was initiated in 1980, over 400 students have completed, many going on to publish their work or to pursue graduate study. They are eligible to wear the gold cord at graduation, and their transcript and diploma will permanently note “Honors”. Congratulations to our newest Honors graduates, your exceptional work represents the future of nursing research!


Hannah Baird – Highest Honors

Mallory Bates

Ann Elise Butterworth

Youngjun Choi – Highest Honors

Kiersten Cook – Highest Honors

Madeline Daniel

Elizabeth Finnessy

Summer Fritz

Anna Garrett – Highest Honors

Aislinn Greene

Fern Guimond

Kalkidan Hailemariam

Latesha Harris – Highest Honors (Graduate, August ’20)

Aly Helms

Diana Hernandez – Highest Honors

Jennifer Hower – Highest Honors

Emily Huber

Taylor Koontz

Sarah Letchworth

Valentina Marginean

Emily Palmiter – Highest Honors

Jessica Pearl – Highest Honors

Evan Robertson

Caroline Sargent

Rachel Schonberg – Highest Honors

Amber Smith – Highest Honors

Yaewoon Song

Rebecca Stovall

Tarteel Suliman – Highest Honors

Caroline Swanger

Sarah Vaughn

Sarah Yunker

Alpha Alpha Chapter of STTI Research Grant Recipients

Allison DeSarro

Sherry Leviner

Rebecca Michael

Gabby Valchanova

Independent Study


Alexandra Crow