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Congratulations to all of our Honors students!

We are very proud of these talented researchers and their work. In lieu of in-person presentations, all posters can be viewed below. Please click on any poster to see it full-sized.

Al-Najjar, Janah – Honors

Alexander, Melody – Highest Honors

Andrews, Madison – Honors

Avery, Princess – Honors

Bittinger, Faith – Highest Honors

Blanchard, Katelyn – Honors

Church, Rachel . Honors

Clapp, Jamesanna – Honors

Cochrane, Mykenzie – Honors

Coogan, Erin – Honors

Davidson, Rebecca – Honors

Davis, Suja – Sigma Theta Tau

Davis, Emily – Highest Honors

Demers, Samuel – Honors

Duncan, Julia – Honors

Fitz, Morgan – Highest Honors

Friday, Rebekah – Highest Honors

Gaidis, Erin – Honors

Giotis, Despina – Honors

Ha, Soo Jung – Honors

Haridass, Prashamsha – Independent Study

Hauck, Hannah – Honors

Hawes, Caroline-Grace – Honors

Hinde, Tori – Highest Honors

Hunt, Sarah – Honors

Jimenez, Celina – Highest Honors

Jones, Chrisha – Honors

Jones, Haley – Honors

Langevin, Brooke – Honors

Lo, Nicky – Sigma Theta Tau

Macleod, Kirstin – Highest Honors

Mares, Erin – Honors

McBride, Lydia – Honors

Morgan, Emily – Honors

Nusser, Hayley – Honors

Osborne, Tyler – Honors

Pardo-Montez, Monique – Honors

Parrish, Sydney – Honors

Roma, Phillip – Honors

Smith, Madeline – Honors

Smith, Shelby – Highest Honors

Somberg, Haleigh – Honors

Sowers, Meaghan – Honors

Stanek, JoAn – Sigma Theta Tau

Swink, Emily – Honors

Swintek, Ashlyn – Highest Honors

Townsend, Lauren – Honors

Urbina, Ismael – Honors

Valchanova, Gabby – Honors

Wall, Macayla – Honors

Ward, Nicole – Honors

Williams, Tori – Honors